ATM bombed in Mthatha

An ATM was bombed by an explosion and a large amount of money stolen in Mthatha early Wednesday (14/01/15) morning, Eastern Cape police said.

“We had an ATM bombing during the early hours of the morning. The ATM was damaged and money was taken,” said Lt-Col Mzukisi Fatyela.

“We are not sure how much was taken but a lot of money was taken. We have not yet arrested anyone but there are clues that we are following. We strongly believe that we will make arrests soon.”

The ATM was on Nelson Mandela Drive near the Spar in Mthatha.

It was believed the explosion took place between 2.30am and 3am.

Members of the public are encouraged to be on the look out for ink-stained notes and to be cautious when they do any financial transactions as it is believed that the criminals will try to buy or exchange the money to unsuspecting people or businesses, the police said.

“No one was injured,” he said.


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