Risk of load-shedding rising, warns Eskom

ELECTRICITY reserve margins are so tight the situation is being monitored hourly and Eskom is struggling to guarantee no load-shedding for the remainder of the week.

Yesterday, Eskom still did not have 13 000MW of generation capacity available.

“If we see it deteriorate beyond that it will increase the risk of load-shedding,” Eskom spokesman Andrew Etzinger said.

“We have a low reserve margin but at this stage we are not planning to implement any load-shedding.

“As we get closer to Friday, we will see an increase [in the risk] of load-shedding, but we will assess the situation as we move closer to the day,” Etzinger said.

He disputed media reports about Eskom running out of money for its operations in the next few weeks, saying the company’s financial position was stable.

But he conceded that the company’s expenditure on diesel, which is between R1-billion and R2-billion a month, was unsustainable.

– Penwell Dlamini

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