Now Nkandla is being used to sell property

NKANDLA – that dirty word in parliament – is being used to push plush property.

On the streets of Cape Town and Johannesburg, an advertising campaign is using the lavishly upgraded presidential compound as the high-end extreme in the property market.

Billboards have sprung up with the tag line: “There’s a home for everyone on Private Property.” The boards show a filter bar where the bottom end of the market is a one-bedroom flat and the opposite is the presidential compound.

A little risky perhaps considering the ANC in the past has taken offence at other billboard advertisements. It did not like the anti e-toll billboards that much. But, so far, the billboards have flown under the ANC’s radar.

There have been no nasty communiques from political parties or from presidential spokesmen. Even the revellers in Cape Town taking part in the ANC’s 103rd birthday anniversary did not make a fuss.

“In general, the feedback from consumers on social media has been positive,” property company Private Property’s chief marketing officer Mazair Arsalan said.

He said the use of Nkandla in its ad campaign had nothing to do with political messages or commentary but was used because it was a national conversation point.

The campaign was launched early last month and was also being run online and in magazines. One problem was not everyone knew about Nkandla.

In Sawubona magazine, it was replaced with a mansion because their overseas audience did not know about the controversial residence.

 – Shaun Smillie

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