Old friends now ‘supermamas’

Candice Littleford, left, with her son Rocco, holding Lizanne Oved's little Zac while Lizanne holds her son Julo
Candice Littleford, left, with her son Rocco, holding Lizanne Oved’s little Zac while Lizanne holds her son Julo

Stay-at-home moms Candice Littleford and Lizanne Oved, who have been friends since 2002, created the Facebook group Mamahood five months ago to connect with other mothers and were overwhelmed with the response.

Oved, who studied photography and worked in the field before having children, has two boys, Julian, four, and Zac, one.

Littleford has a three-year-old son, Rocco. They say juggling Facebook’s groups and motherhood is difficult but rewarding.

“It’s great that there are two of us, so we split up the responsibilities and help each other out if one of us has something on Littleford, a graphic designer, said.

“We have a great understanding and work very well together.

“Our ‘ mamas’ have completely embraced the idea of being a support system for each other.

“One mom just needs to ask a simple question and straight away she has invaluable information and advice shared with her from so many other moms in her area.

“How cool is that?” Oved said. The two are also working to launch a Mamahood website.

Questions on the Facebook groups range from recommendations of doctors to suggestions for lunch with pictures of little ones, products for sale and small businesses thrown in between.

The idea for the groups came about due to a desire by the best friends to work together despite Littleford living in Cape Town and Oved in Port Elizabeth. “Since meeting as students we have always wanted to start something together.

“We were thinking of something to do that allowed us to work but still be at home with our kids.

“The idea of a forum came about when we were asking each other for advice, recipe ideas, sleeping advice and breast-feeding advice,” Littleford said.

“We then thought it would be great to connect with other moms in our area.”

Port Elizabeth registered nurse and private midwife Teresa Hayward was invited to the group by Oved and Littleford and often gives valuable medical advice.

“Mamahood is a very good place for moms to get support from others but it helps them to know there is professional advice and assistance as well,” Hayward said.

Group member Elaam Peterson has two boys, aged four and six weeks. She said although she belonged to other Facebook-based support groups, Mamahood was one of the best.

– Eleanor Douglas-Meyers

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