Matric cheats face three-year ban

Matriculants found to have cheated could be banned from writing matric for the next three years, the education department said in Durban on Monday (12/01/15).  

In addition officials found to be complicit in suspected mass cheating in KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape could face criminal charges, basic education department spokesman Elijah Mhlanga told reporters.

“Criminal charges? It is a possibility. There is some element of fraud and misrepresentation.” He said invigilators found to have been complicit would face disciplinary inquiries that could lead to letters of final warning or even dismissal.

Hearings into the alleged cheating at 20 exam centres in KwaZulu-Natal were set to begin in Durban on Monday.

“Their results could be declared null and void and they could be barred from writing [matric exams] for the next three years,” Mhlanga said of the matrics found to have cheated. He said the extent to which pupils and invigilators were punished would depend on their involvement in the cheating.

Mhlanga would not say how many students or invigilators were believed to have been involved, but that most of the 20 implicated exam centres in KwaZulu-Natal were in rural areas.

Umalusi spokesman Lucky Ditaunyane said it was the first time the monitoring body had detected such mass cheating. He expected the department to submit a report to Umalusi by January 27. Mhlanga said those pupils who would be questioned were entitled to have a parent or legal guardian present.

Those who wanted to have legal representation however needed to inform the department first. He said that during the course of Monday morning the department, Umalusi and teacher unions had agreed on procedures for the hearings.

Mhlanga said there would be an appeal process for those found guilty. The Democratic Alliance welcomed the investigation. “This is not the first time that the KZN education department has been placed in the spotlight when it comes to cheating during examinations,” the party’s KwaZulu-Natal education spokeswoman Mbali Ntuli said.

The party expected KwaZulu-Natal education MEC Peggy Nkonyeni and her department to take a more proactive stand. To keep launching investigations after the fact was not good enough. “In the Eastern Cape there are 16 exam centres that are being investigated.”


One thought on “Matric cheats face three-year ban

  • January 13, 2015 at 3:43 am

    Ok, so quite a number of students are involved in the cheating scam for the 2014 Matric Finals… Come On Now… Do you think the fact that COULD face charges & COULD be banned from completing a honest Matric Final Examination…

    1 – These students SHOULD be charged, not COULD be.
    2 – All Officials who were present in the examination room, at the time of the act, SHOULD be charged, not COULD be.

    The outcome of the “investigation” to determine the extent of the involvement of the students & officials in this Cheating Game, will be VERY interesting… HOW can one prove the involvement of either parties… This will probably be covered up in some manner, and by end of January 2015, it will be something of the past.

    Sad Sad Sad, that CRIMINALS are now actually educated in school already how to cheat…


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