Couple shot dead after call for help

POLICE called to a house in Nemato, Port Alfred on Friday (09/01/15)  forced their way into it after hearing gunshots, and found a man and a woman dead on the floor. Both were shot in the head.

Officers arrived at the home following a frantic call for help from the dead woman’s sister.

Police spokesman Lieutenant Luvuyo Mjekula said the sister had received an urgent SMS from her sibling prior to the shootings. The woman who was shot asked her sister to help her escape from her boyfriend, who she said would not let her leave the home.

“The sister of the deceased approached the police yesterday morning after receiving an SMS from her sister. According to the SMS the deceased was being held against her will and the deceased male would not allow her to go to work or leave the house.

“Police arrived at the house at 7.30am accompanied by the complainant. Police announced themselves at the locked door and asked permission to enter.

“Moments later two gunshots went off. Police then forcefully entered the residence to find both the male and female deceased with gunshot wounds in their heads.”

An investigation was under way.

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