Beached dolphin rescued in Blue Water Bay

(Picture by Daniel Heimann)
(Picture by Daniel Heimann)

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI)  is “cautiously optimistic” following the release of a beached dolphin at Blue Water Bay yesterday (12/01/15).

NSRI Port Elizabeth  was called out following reports of a dolphin beached at Main Beach, Blue Water Bay. Local Blue Water Bay volunteer Sector Police and Bayworld members were also activated to assist.

On arrival on-scene the animal, believed to be female and approximately 1.7 meters in length, was found to be in good health but hard aground on the beach.

“She was loaded onto a stretcher, carried to the sea rescue craft and transported to deeper waters to be released.She appears to have swam off confidently and strongly.”

The NSRI is cautiously optimistic with hope that the dolphin has been saved and the coastline will be monitored over the next few days to see if the dolphin re-beaches, it said on its website.

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