Lack of witness leads to bail for suspected gangsters

AFTER almost six months in custody and numerous court appearances under heavy police guard, four suspected gangsters were each released on R3000 bail yesterday following an agreement between the prosecution and the defence.

Lawyers for Wendell Petersen, Graven Greeff, Hans Jordaan and Keith Bowkers shocked the court when they argued that after receiving copies of the docket, they discovered there were no witness statements linking their clients to the offence. The four, all facing charges of attempted murder after they allegedly shot at each other at a garage in May, had abandoned their bail applications earlier this year on condition that the state finalise its investigations as soon as possible.

Yesterday lawyers Ryno Scholtz, Alwyn Griebenow and Hennie Bence argued that there were no independent witnesses that the state could rely on to testify against their clients.

The prosecution ultimately conceded that it would be in the interests of justice for the accused to be released on bail. The matter was postponed to November 11.- Kathryn Kimberley

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