Bay sees spike in theft from vehicles

TRACKING CULPRITS: A policeman searches for fingerprints. Picture: JUDY DE VEGA
TRACKING CULPRITS: A policeman searches for fingerprints. Picture: JUDY DE VEGA

THEFT from motor vehicles in Nelson Mandela Bay is on the increase, with more than 600 cases reported in the past two months.

The latest figures have seen the monthly average jump from 200 vehicles broken into, to about 300 cases a month.

This averages about 75 cars broken into a week in the metro alone.

In June, police said the average number of cars broken into was about 200 a month.

Authorities have since warned that two of the main methods used by the thieves were central-locking jamming devices to scramble the signals and smashing vehicle windows.

In addition, police have noticed an increase in false cases linked to theft of goods from vehicles being reported.

Crime Prevention Forum (CPF) chairman John Preller said yesterday the increase was alarming.

He listed the main items being targeted as laptops, cellphones and GPS devices. – Gareth Wilson

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One thought on “Bay sees spike in theft from vehicles

  • August 26, 2014 at 11:04 am

    Our car was stolen out of our yard 2 weeks ago while we were sleeping. No smashed glass or anything. I think they actually pushed it out the yard so nobody would hear it start. Burn the buggers who takes things from people who work hard for their stuff. I absolutely despise people steeling from others! Get off your asses and go work for a change and stop being like parasites trying to live off others!!


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