Motorists warned of dangerous route

MOTORISTS using the R334, which runs from Coega past Motherwell to Uitenhage, have been warned to be careful following a rapid increase in the number of hijackings and other violent crimes reported along the route.

Police spokesman Captain Andre Beegte said the warning was prompted by several violent crimes including rape, assault and hijacking earlier this month.

“The route has seen an big increase in violent crimes this month. We are urging residents to be vigilant and not to stop on the road under any circumstances. We have received reports that criminals herd stray animals and chase them onto the road and when motorists slow down or stop, they are attacked,” Beegte said.

“Particularly people driving VW Polos and any type of bakkie. It has become evident that criminals along the route, and particularly in informal settlements, are targeting these vehicles, as well as in all other informal settlements around PE.”

Beegte advised motorists to slow down well before approaching stray animals crossing on the R334 in order to see any approaching danger.

Reports of prostitution along the route have also been reported which police are investigating. – Tremaine van Aardt


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