No-regrets Kasrils says Vote No! campaign necessary


THE ANC government is stripping the country and robbing its people, former ANC intelligence minister and party stalwart Ronnie Kasrils says.

Kasrils told a public debate in Grahamstown yesterday that they should vote for any political party except the ANC or the DA, or spoil their vote.

But in response to sharp criticism from the floor, he said if there had been any chance that the ANC would lose power in next week’s elections, he would never have embarked on the campaign to encourage people not to vote for his beloved party.

However, he was confident the ANC would retain a 59%-plus majority.

“We are saying don’t vote for the ANC because we need to bring down the [ANC’s] majority.

“The message to the government must be clear. Stop corruption, pull up your socks and serve the people – not yourselves.”

The only way to do this was to spoil votes or to vote for one of the smaller parties that people felt might have the integrity to stop corruption.

” My whole adult life I have served the ANC, the SACP and MK.

“But I will definitely not vote for the ANC next week,” Kasrils told about 250 people attending the debate in the Grahamstown City Hall.

He pointed to recent research that showed the 15 richest chief executives in South Africa took home an average of R49-million a year.

“But the mines refuse to pay workers at Marikana R12500 a month because they say they don’t have enough money. Is this a fair society?”

The killing of miners at Marikana by police and the Nkandla disgrace were just two examples of the many scandals to befall the existing ANC government.

He rejected a suggestion that the “Sidikiwe! Vukani! Vote No! Campaign” might be an indication he supported any other particular political party.

Kasrils, 76, admitted later that the harsh words from his former comrades had hurt him, but he added that he had a thick skin. – Adrienne Carlisle

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  • May 3, 2014 at 4:41 pm

    Please advise on the Vote No campaign’s next address venue. I would very much like to attend!


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