Ex-husband plays down anti-Xhosa tirade

THAT WAS THEN: Bonnie Mbuli and Sisanda Henna in happier times
THAT WAS THEN: Bonnie Mbuli and Sisanda Henna in happier times

WHILE her tweets about Xhosa men – and their families – being slave drivers have made her unpopular among many Xhosas, actress Bonnie Mbuli’s ex-husband Sisanda Henna said it was nothing but a fun and important debate.

Mbuli’s tweets last week – “If you wanna cook, clean and make tea like a crazy person marry into a Xhosa family”, “Your a** will work so hard you’ll be begging your dude to take you home on some … babe I’ve got that audition coming up” and “I love my Xhosa ppl but 12 years a slave aint got nothing on ya’ll” – went viral on social media networks.

Some even posted pictures of their own makotis – new brides – working in the kitchen and serving men while others accused Mbuli of trying to get the public’s attention to promote her autobiography, Eyebags & Dimples. – Yoliswa Sobuwa

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One thought on “Ex-husband plays down anti-Xhosa tirade

  • April 29, 2014 at 1:40 pm

    Bonnie !!! Bonnie !! Bonnie! You knew from the onset that you were marrying a Xhosa guy. Why didn’t you do your homework before tying the Knot!! Or were you in such a rush to be a ‘Mrs’.
    Next time please open your eyes before committing !!


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