Don’t be like cattle when you vote, Tutu urges South Africans


ARCHBISHOP Desmond Tutu has called for South Africans not to behave like voting cattle at the elections.

During a press briefing last night Tutu did not dispute Ronnie Kasril’s call to not vote. “They are actually shaking people up saying you know you have a precious thing, the vote, and think what you want to do with it.

“They are not saying don’t vote … I’m not either for or against it.

“Think, think, think,” he said adding that just because struggle songs were part of one’s upbringing, this was not the way they should vote.

Tutu would not disclose which party he would vote for come the election, but said: “Don’t vote mindlessly, don’t be voting cattle. Just remember it’s going to decide what quality of life you are going to have.”

Tutu said the country’s current leaders would never be able to fill the shoes of former president Nelson Mandela.

Tutu also mentioned the achievements of the Truth Commission, which tried to heal the atrocities of the apartheid era. But he felt it had been undermined, especially by the ANC government, as its recommendations such as the once-off wealth tax and proper restitution for victims had never been carried out. – Denise Williams

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