Pistorius phone history revealed

A phone belonging to murder-accused Oscar Pistorius was used for an internet connection at 1.48am on February 14 on the morning he shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp dead, the High Court in Pretoria heard.

The connection lasted for 309 seconds – five minutes and 15 seconds, according to testimony by police cellphone analyst Captain Francois Moller.

Pistorius said at his bail application that he and Steenkamp went to bed around 10am on February 13 and he was woken up on February 14 by what he thought was an intruder in his house. He shot through a toilet door and only afterwards realised Steenkamp was in there.

Neighbours have testified to hearing screams and what sounded like gunshots from the home around 3am on Valentine’s Day.

The court is hearing evidence from Moller on what his analysis of Pistorius and Steenkamp’s phones yielded.

Pistorius has pleaded not guilty to Steenkamp’s murder as well as to charges under the Firearms Act for alleged negligent discharge of a firearm at a restaurant and firing a shot out of the sunroof of a car in Modderfontein.

On Monday the court heard text message exchanges between the couple in which Steenkamp complained about his behaviour towards her at two public functions. – Sapa

One thought on “Pistorius phone history revealed

  • March 28, 2014 at 9:32 am

    As a relationship therapist and a South African concerned about gender violence, I’m disappointed that information is presented about #OscarandReeva (in court and outside) without a conceptual frame to make it intelligible. Why can’t we face the realities of relatonship abuse more honestly?

    The legal argument is all about Oscar – his gun, his bat, his “burglar” and his itchy trigger finger. Fine, that’s how the system works,it is either/or, guilty/not guilty. But the intense media focus on the court case reduces a complex story to shreds and patches.

    This is a very South African love story, of passionate attachment marred by patterns of jealousy, control and disrespect that stand out a mile to anyone familiar with gender relations in South Africa.

    Where are the expert witnesses who could provide this context in court? Instead we have Oscar’s defence claiming – unchallenged – that a relationship can’t be “loving” and ALSO abusive.

    How disrespectful to Reeva who was obviously trying – as women often do – to make things better between them *because* she loved Oscar despite everything. And personally I think he loved her too. Yet so many South African men seem unable to cope with love without becoming dangerously unstable, and maybe Oscar was one of them, even without the added stress of media attention.

    The limitations of retributive justice are exposed by this trial, and it’s not fair to Reeva or the many people who loved her. The last three months of her life are more important than the last few minutes, if not to the justice system, then at least to keeping her memory alive.

    If we gave more space to descriptions of abuse patterns in their relationship, from a number of witnesses, on a number of levels, it need not imply that he killed her on purpose.

    Oscar has chosen his defence, so be it, he will either be believed or he won’t. And whether or not he’s believed by the judge, we are left with an action so irrational, so utterly stupid, that it scarcely matters what was going on in his (possibly compromised) brain.

    So let’s start a new conversation – as women, as men, as South Africans – about intimate-partner violence, about gender violence. It is a conversation long overdue in this country. Let’s face the truth about ourselves, out of respect for Reeva and all those who like her, believe in love, and in justice for women.



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