Young children caught having sex with animals

EASTERN Cape schoolchildren as young as five are practising bestiality and having sex with dogs, goats, chickens and donkeys.

This shocking revelation was made by the King William’s Town SPCA, which raised concerns over the sharp increase in reported cases in areas around King William’s Town and Middledrift.

SPCA board chairwoman Annette Rademeyer said this was in contravention of the Animals Protection Act and that several cases had been reported to police.

Provincial police spokeswoman Colonel Sibongile Soci yesterday failed to respond to queries at the time of going to print.

Rademeyer said her organisation usually received two such cases a year. But in the past year reported cases had increased drastically.

On various occasions last year, she said, the SPCA was summoned to Middledrift where children from five to 14 from four different schools were involved in such acts.

“The children were allegedly raping dogs, goats and donkeys and SPCA was asked to come and remove the animals. But the problem with this is that you remove donkeys and then the perpetrators move on to goats, and you remove the goats and they move on to dogs,” she said.

Police and social development staff were later asked to help, Rademeyer said.

“It was found some of these children were using drugs, others came from homes with almost no adult supervision and values, with parents for example having sex in front of them.

“In other households domestic violence was a factor where a parent would get drunk or high and the situation became intolerable for the children. Some of the children have since been removed and placed into foster care.” – Asanda Nini


2 thoughts on “Young children caught having sex with animals

  • May 25, 2014 at 9:27 pm

    want to see what all the noise is over an if it is really that bad I want to make up my own mine

  • March 18, 2014 at 11:33 am

    this is so disgusting. it also shows just how far down the scale the moral values od some people have gone. these children are the future of south africa. this makes we wonder what sort of people we are “breeding” for the future. these children need some serious help. i hope that none of them are left in these abusive family enviroments, if they are then they stand little if no chance to lead “normal” lives. they will then do the same to their own children and so the cycle will continue. Dallas


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