Model’s death: rumours galore

Lee-Anne Butler

THE media furore around Reeva Steenkamp’s death has not been without various rumours and allegations about what possibly led to the former Port Elizabeth model’s death:

  • Last year City Press reported that through in-depth interviews with sources close to the police investigation, it could reveal that a bloodied cricket bat found at Pistorius’s home would be a key piece of evidence in court.

City Press said police were investigating a number of scenarios including that Steenkamp used it for self-defence, that Pistorius used it to assault Steenkamp or to break down the bathroom door,

  • The same report also detailed a phone call Pistorius allegedly made to his father early in the morning, as well as that police apparently asked for Pistorius to be tested for drugs and steroids.
  • At the time of Steenkamp’s death there were media reports alleging that there were arguments before the shooting, followed by screams, two gunshots, a 17-minute silence and then more shots.
  • There have also been rumours of a love triangle involving Springbok and Blue Bulls rugby player François Hougaard, whose friendship with Steenkamp was rumoured to be a potential source of tension.
  • Numerous media reports have focused on Pistorius’s alleged dark side, painting him as trigger-happy and confrontational.
  • There were also reports looking at the trajectory of the bullets and whether Pistorius was wearing his prosthetic limbs when he opened fire. The state alleges all the shots were fired from a height downwards through the door.
  • Reports have also focused on the allegation that Pistorius deliberately loaded, cocked and fired the gun into the locked bathroom door.
  • Recent reports allege that Pistorius’s iPhone will hold crucial information about the incident.


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