Gunmen go on city rampage

BEACHFRINT MURDERS: Police man the crime scene and control traffic shortly after three suspected gangsters were killed in an attack by gunmen near the Port Elizabeth beachfront on Saturday. Picture: BRIAN WITBOOI

A WEEKEND reign of terror by heavily armed and ruthless gangsters in Port Elizabeth continued last night when a fourth victim of execution-style murders was shot dead. That murder came 24 hours after three suspected gangsters were forced to stop their car and shot in cold blood in front of horrified motorists and bystanders at a busy intersection near Port Elizabeth’s beachfront.

The latest shooting occurred at about 6.30pm yesterday outside Livingstone Hospital in Stanford Road. Police said the same vehicle, believed to be a Volkswagen Golf, that was involved in the beachfront shooting on Saturday afternoon was seen picking up two suspected gunmen after last night’s murder.

Witnesses told police that the victim, believed to be in his early 30s, was standing at the intersection of Ablett Street and Stanford Road in Korsten with two men.

One of the two men pulled out a gun and fired five shots at the man, hitting him four times – once in the arm, twice in the back and once in the chest.

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One thought on “Gunmen go on city rampage

  • February 10, 2014 at 5:24 pm

    It is important to note the sceptre of gang violence has been the norm in parts of Port Elizabeth’s Northern areas for many years .. probably as far back as the 60s, reaching notoriety in the 1970s with the various gangs taking root. The police have had some successes of course through the years in convicting gang bosses, some of them notorious, but into 2014 it seems they are at a loss to eradicate the problem. Now the violence is taking a different turn, with witnesses reportedly being targeted. The real question is, in suburbs like Helenvale with its well-documented social problems, exacerbated by a serious lack of development and infrastructure,what are local and provincial authorities doing to address – and arrest – the problems? Of course Helenvale is being targeted for development, but the years of neglect by local authority upon local authority will not be reeled in overnight. Helenvale as an example, (there are others of course) is often spoken of with derision, and seems like it has become something of a pariah among adjacent communities and politicians alike, but come election time these self-same politicians will put the suburb high up on the agenda to garner votes. To fight a complicated conundrum such as the one bedevilling Helenvale, needs a multi-pronged approach by all levels of government, NGOs, the community and police in a bid to bring a semblance of order to the suburb. Remember suburbs like Helenvale is part of the Metro, whether we like it or not – we all have the responsibility to help turn it into a community we all can be proud of. Also, guaranteeing the safety of the public should be top of the police’s agenda, while they pursuit the suspects. The police should be seen to be not only effecting arrests but clamping down on wanton gang violence, drug-running etc, so we can travel freely on public roads and enjoy leisure activities without the pall of violence as happened at the beachfront at the weekend, hanging over our heads at every turn. This state of affairs certainly cannot continue!



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