Concentrate on development

WHAT a true statement the Minister of Sport made regarding the Bafana players: “a bunch of losers”, unbearable, useless individuals. Did he ever play soccer on a higher level?
What amused me is that the minister, who was elected into power to evaluate sport in totality and to ensure that there is development in all sporting codes, blames others for his failures.
Remember that the Nigerian under-17s are world champions. Ask the minister where are our under-17s.
I’m sure the minister went to this game with the idea that Bafana would win easily. This will be another eye- opener for him to realise that without soccer development we will stay below par.
No wonder that guys like Steven Pienaar, Thulani Serero and others ply their trade overseas, not because of money but for their love of the game and they know soccer is going nowhere in our country.
The minister, instead of insulting people, should rather work with the new soccer president and look at how to develop not only soccer but swimming, hockey, golf, etc. I am still anxiously awaiting the development plans of our new soccer president. To date I have seen none.
Soccer should reflect the rainbow nation and not only players of Chiefs and Pirates, and if they are not available, grabbing has- beens to represent Bafana.
It’s of no use replacing and blaming coaches but without academies from under-nine upwards and without proper infrastructure we will not achieve soccer results. So please, minister, do your job in a workmanlike manner for South Africans to see satisfying results.
Reginald Saptoe, Port Elizabeth