Shark speeds off in srfer’s car

Cindy Liebenberg
JEFFREYS BAY surfer, Gareth Davies had the shock of his life while out surfing at Magna Tubes last week.
He said while he was surfing he looked up and saw his blue bakkie being driven out of the parking lot.
“It was the worst feeling ever,” he said.
“My friend, Justin de Vos and I were enjoying an early morning surf, and the next minute some bugger drives off in my bakkie.”
He said after paddling out as fast as possible he called the police who were on the scene within minutes.
Meanwhile the alleged thief sped up Noorsekloof Road and almost overturned the bakkie hitting a speed bump. As he tried to turn into Salie Street the vehicle spun out of control. The driver then abandoned the vehicle and ran off towards the circle on the way to Humansdorp.
Unfortunately for him Jaco Nel, the owner of Greendot, and his team of workers who were travelling in that direction, saw him jump from the vehicle. Nel said: “As we were coming down Seetuin this speeding blue bakkie caught my eye, and the next minute the guy behind the wheel opened the door and made a dash for it. I followed him and eventually my workers managed to apprehend him at the circle.”
He called the police and drove back to the abandoned vehicle which was still idling, he said.
Both Davies and Nel praised the local police, saying they were on the scene within minutes and took charge.
Davies was also full of praise for Nel and said it was amazing what could be achieved if we all look out for one another.
The downside was the bakkie had to be impounded by the Uitenhage police. They suspect a syndicate from Port Elizabeth could be involved.
Davies said: “From the minute I spotted my bakkie leaving the parking lot until the guy who took it was apprehended, no more than 20 minutes had lapsed, but now almost two weeks down the line, I am still without wheels.”

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