Sewage rears its head again


SEWAGE spills are a recurring problem in Campbell Street and have a business owner up in arms.

Remax Kowie owner Warwick Heny said there had been three spills in the past three weeks, and he documented the incidents with photos.

He was concerned about the health hazards and the impact on business.

TotT reported regularly on the sewerage problems in Campbell Street in past years but the situation appeared to have been alleviated until recently.

THAT’S NOT RAIN: A sewage spill in Campbell Street last Wednesday saw thousands of litres of stinking effluent pool in the street, causing a health hazard and turning away shoppers Picture: WARWICK HENY

“Sewage spills are now taking place so often, yet no solution to the problem is forthcoming,” said Heny.

He contacted the director of community protection services, Nombulelo Booysen, who oversees the municipal health department, but was frustrated when he received no reply.

“Are there no competent people at Ndlambe who can pinpoint the cause, or is it just a case of an oversubscribed sewage system?” Heny asked.

“I certainly hope that the new sewage works will be up and running soon, so that this problem can be stopped, once and for all. It would be nice to hear from Ndlambe, if these spills will be contained, once the new upgrade is complete. Or is it that the pipes are to narrow in the CBD?”

Heny eventually received an answer from Booysen’s deputy, Fanie Fouche, who pointed out that although their directorate looked after health, the problem stemmed from the department of infrastructural development.

Heny said Fouche had undertaken to try get some answers from infrastructural development.

“If this continues, business owners should stop paying rates on their properties, as these property values are coming down. Sewage equals less customers, which equals less business and less income. Less rent paid to landlords in turn equals lower property values, which may equal less rates,” Heny said.

Municipal spokesman Cecil Mbolekwa said the sewage spills were caused by a nearby restaurant or shops.

“The community protection services department is busy attending to it as we speak. We have also discovered that there are blockages of fat in our lines hence the sewage spills, but the technical department has attended to the matter,” said Mbolekwa.

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