Positive developments at Station Hill school


POSITIVE developments at Port Alfred Primere Skool in Station Hill have been praised by a teacher who recently complained about various issues at the school.

In TotT’s November 1 edition Nomangesi Adam voiced her concerns about overcrowded classrooms and lack of discipline at the school.

She also bemoaned a lack of transparency, failure to implement policies and not following the proper administration procedures.

Adam started teaching at the school in 2009 and had told TotT that since her arrival at the school there were no improvements. Instead, the situation got worse.

Last week Adam informed TotT that the staff and the school governing body – which was previously excluded from decision-making – met on Monday December 10, at Mpekweni to discuss a plan for next year in order to overcome these issues.

Adam said she was very happy that something is finally being done about these issues.

“The good news is that six temporary classrooms have been supplied by the department of education which will help reduce overcrowding in the school,” she added.

The plans are set to be implemented as early as January next year.

Teachers, the SGB and parents would also be included in the school’s decision-making panel as they form part of the school structure, she said.

“My biggest appeal is that parents should play an active role in their kids’ education especially from the black (Xhosa speaking) parents who make up 80% of the school,” said Adam.

However, she wanted the parents to be aware that they are restricted into going in their children’s’ classrooms as she feels “parents have a tendency of ignoring that rule”.

She also urged that the coloured (Afrikaans speaking) parents try by all means to play a positive role in their kids’ education, as they often only went to the school “when they want to pick fights”.

A disciplinary committee would be put in place in order to assist the teachers and parents, said Adam.

She said these plans could only be carried out if there was full commitment from the teachers, parents and SGB working together in this regard.

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