Juju never gives up fighting

JULIUS Malema has been called many things and has been blamed for many things.
Over the past couple of years when the young man seemed to have reigned supreme, he was the butt of many bad jokes. Cartoonists had a field day, and hardly a day went by without him being quoted in the press.
While some hated him others adored him beyond comprehension.
Yet, with all his faults and misconceptions no one can say he is not tenacious. He has simply refused to give up. He fought his suspension and remained as defiant as ever. He spoke out against the top brass of the ANC, repeatedly attacking President Jacob Zuma and his supporters.
Dubbed a young firebrand, with more ambition than common sense, his often uncouth antics have earned him the wrath, of many of his peers, and the man in the street. Even after his appeal against his suspension failed, he did not throw in the towel, and has now asked for his sentence to be reduced.
Is his tenacity not the one trait that has to be acknowledged?
A lesser man would surely have long since ridden off into the sunset, maintaining a low profile, and hoping his alleged ill-begotten wealth would not be investigated.
This in turn begs the question. Why is Malema so adamant to survive the political graveyard he is facing? Is he really so concerned about the future of the country, or does he merely want to protect his interests?
Shifting the spotlight onto our own local government where we to have our own Malemas. Granted they might not be as outspoken and their modus operandi might differ, but alas at the end of the day it’s still all about their own private agendas.
A number of them can also be called tenacious, yet their track records also show they mostly put their own needs first. Imagine if all this energy could be poured into working for the community!
What a perfect world it would be if it was not just all about “me”.
There is so much passion and fight out there. If it could all be channeled, for let’s say one month, into doing good for the community, I am convinced our country could be the ultimate nirvana.
We did after all prove to the world how compassionate we are after the previous regime was ousted. We have proved how incredible and tenacious we as a nation can pull together when we are united.
Please Malema and his ilk, let’s put the people before the self and work for one another and not just for “me”!
– Cindy Liebenberg

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