J’ BAY restaurateurs have hit back

Cindy Liebenberg
JEFFREYS BAY restaurateurs have hit back at allegations made by residents regarding their garbage.
A massive e-mail campaign was launched by Lauren D’Arcy, with Jessie Naude soon following suit, calling for all residents to help them “name and shame” the errant restaurants.
The campaigners soon earned the ire of the food industry.
Pictures of broken garbage bags with food and other tell-tale products spilling out, and their location were soon posted and forwarded.
Our Times published a letter and picture showing Polka Dot restaurant’s trash.
Owner Susan de Klerk is fuming and feels she was singled out. She has demanded an apology claiming the trash does not belong to her. Other up-market restaurants which have been photographed have also hit back.
They blame the lack of wheelie bins, dust bins and the ever present street children.
The consensus among the restaurant fraternity is that the municipality should be collecting at more regular intervals and that something must be done about the street children and other vagrants who forage among the rubbish.
However, the municipality does not supply containers for garbage bags and says it is individual businesses’ own responsibility.
Municipal spokesman Mfundo Sobelo said: “Our waste collection is divided into categories. Restaurants fall under the business category and from these we have a collection schedule of three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
“Our arrangement with businesses, in particular restaurants, for waste disposal is that there should be a designated area where all waste is disposed and this is where our refuse collectors will take it from. That means there should not be waste lying around in the first place.”
Sobelo also warned that there was a bylaw against illegal dumping and placing of business (restaurant) waste on the pavements.
“We have issued fines in this regard. Because waste that comes from restaurants is largely wet waste, it also causes an environmental problem for other residents, hence we have these measures in place.”

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