Gymnasts shine in PE


DESPITE several team members suffering from injuries, the Sunshine Coast Gymnastics Club’s competitive gymnasts took a number of first places and did well all around at the Inter-Club Competition in Port Elizabeth recently.

“These competitions are of great benefit as they expose the gymnasts to a completely different venue and equipment than that which are they used to training in,” said head coach Carol-Ann Stiekema.

Competitors were judged by South African Gymnastics Federation (SAGF) judges according to the SAGF code of points.

Stiekema said not all of the club’s gymnasts were able to attend. This time nine members participated.

“Unfortunately some of our gymnasts have been battling with ankle injuries which prevents them from participating at full power on every apparatus,” she said.

“In addition Lara-Bella Schmidt fractured a fingertip the afternoon before the competition. Although she was unable to compete she still attended the event and encouraged her team mates, which was very special to see.”


Artistic gymnastics team (uneven bars, beam, floor and vault):

Level 1 7/u:

Lauren Maddocks 3rd all around (9.450 average) and 2nd on floor

Level 1 8/u:

Kim Waters 1st all around (9.425 average) and 1st on vault

Kym Anderson 3rd all around (8.913 average) and 2nd on floor and vault

Level 2 8/u:

Romy Alexandre 5th all around (8.25 average) and 3rd on floor

Taryn Lee 6th all around (8.15 average) and 3rd on vault

Level 4 18/u:

Angela Swartbooi 2nd all around (8.35 average) and 2nd on vault and beam

Tessa Cockcroft 3rd all around and 1st on bars

Level 5 10/u:

Kayla Stiekema 1st all around and 1st on bars, beam and floor

Level 7 18/u:

Taylor du Plessis 2nd all around (9.04 average) and 2nd on all apparatus

Tumbling and trampoline team:

Elementary tumbling: Entry Level Tumbling (elementary routines – no flick-flacks etc)

E3 7F: Lauren Maddocks 2nd (total 41.40)

E4 9F: Kym Anderson 1st (total 42.40), Romy Alexandre 2nd (total 42.30), Kim Waters 3rd (total 39.80)

E4 10F: Taryn Lee 2nd (total 40.50)

E4 13/o F: Angela Swartbooi 2nd (total 40.70)

Levels tumbling: (Starts with flick-flacks and increases in difficulty per level)

L4 15/o F: Taylor du Plessis 1st (total 42.30).

Black top trampoline: (Two routines; first one is “voluntary”, second is “set” five consecutive jumps required)

BT 7 F: Lauren Maddocks 1st (total 20.90)

BT 9-10F: Romy Alexandre 1st (total 21.50), Taryn Lee 2nd (total 17.9), Kim Waters 3rd (total 16.3), Kym Anderson 4th (total 6.7)

BT 13-14 F: Angela Swartbooi 1st (total 25.00)

Mini trampoline: (Four “passes”; first two “voluntary”, second two “set”. Judged on execution (neatness, etc) and difficulty added on top of execution scores)

MT 7 F: Lauren Maddocks 2nd (total 7.40)

MT 9F: Kim Waters 2nd (total 6.5), Kym Anderson 3rd (total 6.20)

Euro trampoline (white top): (10 consecutive jumps – difficulty increases per age-group and level. Judged on Same principles as black top)

L2 15/o F: Taylor du Plessis 2nd (total 43.60)

L3 10/u F: Kayla Stiekema 1st (total 39.50)

Double mini trampoline: (four “passes”, two of which are “voluntary” and the balance “set/neatness”)

L2 9-10F: Taryn Lee 3rd (total 13.50), Romy Alexandre 5th (total 13.00)

L2 13-14F: Angela Swartbooi 1st (total 13.30)

L4 10/u F: Kayla Stiekema 1st (total 15.30)

L4 15/o F: Taylor du Plessis 1st (total 16.70)

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