Gaspar starts the year with a laugh


FUNNYMAN: Port Alfred’s own Roland Gaspar entertained the audience at the Tap and Turtle on Wharf Street last Wednesday with his Lucky 2013 show Picture: ROB KNOWLES

THE newly reopened Tap and Turtle on Wharf Street was the place to be last Wednesday evening when comedian Roland Gaspar took to the stage to deliver his observational comedy routine entitled Lucky 2013.

Gaspar, nationally known as both the “MiWay Guy” and the “Macro Man” due to his association with those TV commercials, moved to Port Alfred a year ago and was therefore in a perfect position to insert a considerable amount of local humour into his routine.

“I love living in Pot(correct) Alfred,” was one of his quips, referring to the number of potholes on Port Alfred’s roads. “However, my car doesn’t like it so much.”

Born in Springs in Gauteng’s “Far East”, Gaspar was closely associated with the Christian Church for many years, and is in high demand by religious groups due to the clean material he employs in his act.

His routines are therefore family and children friendly, unusual in these days when many comedians have opted for the easier route of shocking their audiences with expletives and far more raunchy material.

Gaspar also has a penchant for children and often picks on those in the audience to help him with his “mind reading” routines. Not everything always goes to plan and Gaspar is sometimes caught out when a trick goes wrong.

“It is often funnier when a gag goes wrong,” he said.

A master of ad-lib, Gaspar is always alert to comments from his audience, responding with a quick retort or sparking another joke.

Lucky 2013 was a one-off show, but Gaspar will be back in the near future to keep Ndlambians entertained and laughing.

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