Former top-10 enters for fun


BUHLE Ngambu, one of the top-10 finalists in the Lions/Talk of the Town Miss Port Alfred 2010, is a contender again this year.

“I feel that life is short and you should have as much fun as you can,” she said. “I really enjoyed the competition in 2010, but last year I was studying so I couldn’t enter.”

A former Victoria Girls High School matriculant, Buhle is now studying business management at the Eastern Cape Midlands College in Grahamstown.

GIRL WITH A PLAN: Twenty-year-old Buhle Ngambu is a keen contender for the Lions/Talk of the Town Miss Port Alfred 2012 title, having been a top 10 finalist in 2010 Picture: ROB KNOWLES

She said she made many friends in the 2010 pageant and knew she would do so again in this year’s competition. In fact, Buhle won the highly sought-after title of Miss Personality, voted so by her fellow contestants.

“I saw the advertisement in last week’s TotT,” said Buhle, “and my mom asked me if I was going to enter. I said, ‘Why not? I’ve got nothing to lose’.”

Buhle’s parents, Lungi and Ingram Reed, are vegetable farmers in Grahamstown, and have a shop in the Peppergrove Mall. She confessed most people assume she is going to work for her parents after her studies are complete. But that isn’t Buhle’s current plan.

“I am learning about the practical challenges of running a business from my parents and the academic side at college. But I want to go out into the world and start my own company. That is what I really want to do,” she said.

“I believe you should start small and take baby steps. That way you’ll get far in life.”

Buhle believes in meeting and learning from others.

“I love meeting new people. And you must never stop learning,” she said.

Should she be successful at this year’s pageant, Buhle would like to give time to help less fortunate people.

“There are so many things we can do,” she said. “Look at the weather. We can donate a blanket. What about hunger? Open a soup kitchen and feed people. If everyone did just what they could we could solve all the problems.”

Buhle says her role model is her mother. And her favourite singer?

“That would be Adele,” she answered without hesitation.”

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