Family dispute turns nasty

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A DISPUTE in Hankey among family members over a house has turned nasty and is now been investigated by police, who are waiting for a court date in order for the sheriff to be sent in.
According to the rightfull owner of the house Phindile Notik, a family member, Julia Nabo has refused to vacate his house even though he has the papers that proves he is the owner of the RDP house. The battle has been ranging since December last year, when despite having been given ample notice and several attempts made by the family Nabo has steadfastly refused to move.
Notiki says he left Hankey eight years ago to work in Uitenhage.
As Nabo was ill at the time she was allowed to occupy the house.
It was however agreed that she would leave the house once Notiki returned home. Since his return in December she has refused to honour the agreement, leaving Notiki fuming and living with his cousin Vuyelwa Rwexu.
“I came back because there are no jobs in Uitenhage and I want my house,” he said.
“We have done everything in our power to get her to leave the house but nothing has happened,” said Rwexu.
Nabo was served with a court order last year, on December 2.
She was served with a final warning but still has not budged.
It is alleged that Nabo says she can sell the house if she wants to.
“I will never allow her to take that house from me, that is my house,” fumed Notiki.
It is also alleged that Nabo had sworn at Notiki whenever he passed the house.
“I no longer pass the house, I use the other roads now,” he added.
“All I want is the court to help us evict her out of the house.”
Rwexu also believes that Nabo, who refused to speak to Our Times, owns property elsewhere.

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