Developers help resolve traffic problem


THE developer of a new shopping complex in Port Alfred hastened to address a traffic hazard this week after being alerted to the issue.

A temporary fence erected around the construction site on the corner of Main Street and Biscay Road was taken right to the pavement edge, and obscured sight of traffic turning into Main Road from the R72, especially for motorists at the Biscay Road intersection.

Port Alfred businesswoman Amanda Mould approached TotT about the issue after complaining to the municipality.

HAZARD REMOVED: This corrugated iron fence around a construction site on the corner of Main Street and Biscay Road resulted in loss of visibility for motorists at the intersection until the developer had it replaced with a wire mesh fence this week Picture: JON HOUZET

“The corner of Biscay Road leading into Main Street intersecting with the R72 is quite a traffic hazard under normal conditions,” Mould stated in her letter to municipal manager Rolly Dumezweni on September 21.

She said the fence around the development posed multiple hazards, including that visibility of the bend from the Main Street and Biscay Road intersection was reduced, and that pedestrians are “forced to walk in the road on a blind bend where traffic coming in from the R72 into Main Street cannot see them”.

“I have no issue with the developer erecting a fence to protect his property, they just need to move it back a metre or two to give visibility for vehicles and a place for pedestrians to safely walk,” said Mould.

“This needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency before someone is injured or killed.”

Rob Beer, the developer of the shopping centre, said he had held a site meeting with his building contractors on Monday after receiving a complaint.

“I think it came from a traffic officer, but I stand under correction,” said Beer.

“We don’t want to cause people any problems. We addressed it immediately.”

Municipal spokesman Cecil Mbolekwa confirmed that chief traffic officer Fred Cannon had raised the issue with the contractors, and they obligingly replaced the corrugated iron fence with a wire mesh fence on the affected corner.

Mould said she appreciated the developer replacing the fence for the benefit of motorists’ visibility, but the lack of a pavement for pedestrians around the development remained a problem.

She said their only options were either to walk in the road or down an alley between the construction site and another store, which meant dodging cement and mud puddles.

Morning Jon,with regard to the new development the at the intersection, we are not in position to do anything at this stage but we have approached SANRAL to see if they could place temporal warning signs like pedestrian crossing and intersection in both directions.The people you refer to on R72, those are people who are doing the research on to the number of cars on our intersections or fourwaystop, including the number of trucks on this road

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