Country theme has audience in stitches


FORMER Las Vegas entertainer Flame Metter had the audience laughing nonstop in her latest show, Up in Flames Goes Country, which took place at the Little Theatre on the Wharf last weekend.

The theme for her show was country rock with a bit of Latin America flavour. From cowboy getup to shimmering sequins, all the outfits added dazzle to the stage.

The men received most of the attention with Metter, who goes by the stage-name Flame, and singer Cayce Fielding sidling up to some of the audience members and making them feel hot under the collar.

SHOWGIRLS: Joani de Coning (left) and Adeline Snyman opened the cabaret Up in Flames Goes Country with a dance number on Saturday night, and continued to impress for the rest of the show Picture: CANDICE BRADFIELD

The show kicked off with dancers Adelina Snyman and Joani de Coning doing a number before Flame took over with Gonna Go Hunting Tonight and a bit of gun twirling which impressed everyone. She followed this up with Redneck Woman, a fairly new country song, and Whatcha Gonna Do with a Cowboy.

She then introduced the audience to Cajun zydeco which has its roots in American folk music. For this song she roped in members of the audience to be her rhythm section, causing much hilarity, and handed out a tambourine, a pair of spoons and an old washboard.

Fielding proved what a talented singer she is with her strong and versatile voice. For her first song of the night she was dressed as a Native American and sang Carefree. Her best song of the evening however was Black Velvet, followed closely by Fever which she sung in her most sultry voice.

Flame’s most entertaining song was when she dressed in a silky number and sang in a Russian voice about how tired she was from entertaining so many men. She also did some visual comedy, presenting some an unwanted gift she once got, as well as explaining why Dr Seuss was in fact a very racy author.

Flame will be putting on her Christmas special on December 14 and 15 which will have an adult storybook theme and will be followed by a sing-along where everyone can join in.

On December 31 she will host her first annual New Year’s jol where there will be live entertainment, an all night buffet and some champagne included in the ticket price.

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