Controversial call to violence

Cindy Liebenberg
A WELL-KNOWN Jeffreys Bay businessman has raised eyebrows with his hand-on advertising campaign to fight crime in the town.
Smhart Security owner Carl Trahms has received mixed reactions from his advert in which he promises to break robbers’ bones, to break the speed limit when in pursuit of robbers and “klap with a pink baseball bat” any suspect resisting arrest.
He also warns the traffic department to order books to issue fines as they will need them. However, he does admit that to date none of his vehicles have been fined for speeding.
The advert has been placed in several local publications and has even won the support of the local police.
Trahms, whose modus operandi in crime prevention has previously been questioned, defended his actions saying: “Crime in town has become uncontrollable. The only question I ask anyone who criticises how I operate is what they would do if they came across someone raping their daughter.”
He said criminals were not scared anymore because the law forbade law-enforcement officers to shoot first. That is why his staff was trained to either run in a suspect, and if this was impossible, to floor him by throwing a pink illuminated baseball bat at him.
“If he still resists arrest we will break his bones,” said Trahms.
Trahms says he sympathises with the local police because he believes they are understaffed and need all the help they can get. Police spokesman warrant officer Petra Els had high praise for Trahms, saying they had always maintained a sterling relationship with him.
“We know we can always count on his help. He is always more than willing to help and never refuses to support us.”
She said they appreciated any assistance security firms could render. Most of the locals Our Times questioned about their thoughts on the matter, agreed with how Trahms was tackling the problem, saying threats and action had become the only way to deal with criminals.
However, taking a more cautious view, Jeffreys Bay resident Gail Browne said she did not believe in kangaroo courts.
“Once the criminals are apprehended they must face the music in court.”

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