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THE South African Banking Risk Centre has warned that there are various scams that card-fraud perpetrators use to dupe unsuspecting ATM users with the sole purpose of skimming their bank cards.
For instance a person claiming to be a bank employee will approach you while you are waiting in the queue at the ATM. He would then request you to “re-activate” your card by swiping it through a “card reactivating” device. Unknown to you, the device in the scammer’s possession is not a card reactivating device but a hand held skimming device.
Incidents of this nature can either happen prior to the victim performing their transaction on the ATM or after.
Often there would be a second or even third person loitering around the ATM shoulder surfing for your PIN. The perpetrators would then use the information stolen through the skimming of the card to manufacture a counterfeit card which, when matched with the customer PIN, is used to make fraudulent transactions.
What to look for:
– When asked to swipe your card through more than one device.
– When you see the person assisting you swipe your card through a different device to the one you are used to.
–When your card is taken out of your sight to process your transaction.
– When you notice something suspicious about the card slot on an ATM machine.
– When you notice unusual or unauthorised transactions on your bank account and credit card statements.
How to protect yourself
– Keep your credit card and ATM card safe all the times.
– Do not share your PIN with anyone.
– Never write down your PIN
– Always keep your card in your sight when effecting a transaction.
– Register at your bank that they should send you an SMS every time money is deposited or withdrawn from your account. Advise the bank immediately if you become aware of any suspicious transactions.
– Always scrutinise your bank account and credit card statements.
– Always cover the key pad when entering your PIN at an ATM or a point-of-sale machine.
– Make sure there is nothing suspicious about the machine you are about to use.
– If an ATM machine looks suspicious, do not use it. Alert the bank immediately of your suspicions.
– While transacting at an ATM machine, do not ask for, or accept assistance from strangers.

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