Amazing feat for the needy

Cindy Liebenberg
A SECURITY guard at the Jeffreys Bay depot of the bread company, Sasko, Lithabo Calama single-handedly collected a whopping nine kilograms, or 27000 bread tags for a wheelchair project.
Depot manager, Charles Boliter said they donate all the bread that has surpassed its sell-by date to pig farmers, but first the tags and the plastic wrappings have to be removed. As this is a very labour intensive job the tags used to just be dumped. Nowdays, with the help of Calama, who does it out of the goodness of his heart, the tags are washed, packed, and together with the plastic bags sent to Enviroman in Smithtown on the outskirts of Jeffreys Bay for recycling.
Enviroman’s Lynn Venter said: “We are very grateful to Sasko and specifically to Lithabo for the effort they make.”
Venter contacted Sheila Anderson, a Jeffreys Bay resident who is involved in a project in which people collect the bread tags which are then sent to a lady in the Western Cape. A million tags collected buys a wheelchair for a needy person.
Boliter said because it is Sasko’s motto to be involved in projects that help save the environment this project where the bread tags are collected and handed over to Sheila, is an ideal way for them to dispose of them.
According to Venter the plastic used for the tags is of a high quality and can be recycled and turned into many things. She said if left in the environment it would take hundreds of years to disintegrate and this is an excellent way of keeping the tags out of the milieu.
Anderson has been involved with the project for a few years and recently attended a high tea with the originator of the project, Mary Honeybun. Anderson said: “Approximately 200 kilograms of bread tags are required for one wheelchair. Honeybun receives a donation for the recycled bread tags, and the funds raised are used to supply a wheelchair to be distributed to a person in need.”
Bread tags can be delivered at the following places: Our Times offices in St Francis Street, the Sunflower Restaurant, at the Tecoma Street market, Curves, Training Edge Gym, Crafti Arts in the Equinox Mall, the NG Church complex and at the Policlinic’s pharmacy. Enviroman will also collect.
Call Venter on: 082-375-6207 for more info.

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