Group run over while being held by cop

Lulamile Feni and Bongani Fuzile

FIVE young men returning from an initiation ceremony were allegedly made to lie down in the middle of a road by a police officer brandishing a firearm shortly before a speeding vehicle drove over them, killing one and leaving another in a coma.

The incident took place on the road between King William’s Town and Stutterheim, near Tyutyu village, in the early hours of Sunday.

Speaking from a Bhisho hospital yesterday, two of the men – Ntando Mfelana and Phiwe Vokwana – said they had no idea how they survived the horrific accident.

They said they had been walking home in the dark from Eluphondweni village to Ginsberg when a bakkie drove past. The driver, a police officer wearing a reflector vest, did a U-turn and stopped next to the group. He drew a firearm and told them to lie down in the road.

Moments later a speeding vehicle drove over them. The driver of the vehicle sped off, followed soon after by the police officer. “All he said was sorry and drove off,” Mfelana said.

“We first thought he was going to rob us but he never took anything.”

Ambulances arrived a short while later, with police. However, only two of the five men were found.

Fearing for their lives, Vokwana, Mfelana and a third survivor, Yibanathi Nyembezi, said they had hidden away.

“I was scared and did not know what was going on,” a badly injured Vokwana said. “Then in the early hours of the morning I managed to crawl to the road where I waved down passing motorists.”

Mfelana and Nyembezi hid in some bushes until dawn and then walked to Grey Hospital.

King William’s Town police spokeswoman Lieutenant Siphokazi Mawisa said one of the men, aged about 19, had died at the scene while another was rushed to hospital.

She said a case of culpable homicide as well as reckless and negligent driving had been opened.

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