Christmas spirit lost on thieves

Chanice Koopman

A GRINCH literally stole a little bit of Christmas in Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, this week when a 2m festive season decoration was ripped off the gate at a townhouse complex in Second Avenue.

Resident Tyrone James has been making the virtually life-sized Christmas ornaments, including beautiful angels, to decorate Sandhurst complex for the past 14 years.

It seems the decoration – a crescent- shaped swag of greenery like the ones seen in shopping centres, with red ribbon and polystyrene boxes covered in gift wrap to resemble gifts – was stolen some time on Saturday morning.

“I didn’t immediately notice that it was gone. I then asked a few of the other residents if one of them had perhaps taken it down because of the strong wind, but none of them had,” James said.

This was the first time one of the decorations had been stolen, he said.

The decorations, made of material including plastic mash, roofing plastic and wire frames, are used for display at the complex.

Another resident, Cheryl du Plooy, said the complex did not feel the same without the decorations.

“We were quite disappointed not only because the decoration was stolen but because Tyrone put his time and effort into the decorations for someone to just come along and take it,” she said.

James said they had not reported the matter to the police.

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