Film on Helenvale’s ‘unfinished’ stories

Tremaine van Aardt

TWO Port Elizabeth residents have taken it upon themselves to expose the “unfinished” stories of Helenvale through a short film to be released in February.

The 45-minute film, 2de Kans, is being produced by Artificial Youth Express cinematographer Luxolo Makana.

It aims to illustrate what happened to victims of crime in the area after their incidents.

“People only see what is reported in the papers. But nobody ever bothers to find out how the victims survive afterwards. In some cases it is the breadwinner who dies. This film will illustrate the road to recovery and the hardships endured after incidents,” the New Brighton resident said.

The film follows the lives of four Helenvale residents – Yolande, Keano, Josta and Yolo – who are all victims of crime, and their journey to rebuilding their lives.


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