Fed-up residents fix Elliotdale potholes

Abongile Mgaqelwa

TIRED of waiting for the Mbhashe Municipality to fix their roads, residents of Elliotdale have taken up their tools to do it themselves.

Yesterday, they were hard at work filling the town’s massive potholes with cement and crushed stone. Led by Mthetheleli Bhele of the UDM, the team approached the Department of Public Works and local businesses for assistance.

The response was positive and Public Works offered crushed stone while some businessmen donated cement and taxi drivers provided transport. Even retail stores have come on board and offered to provide food to the volunteers.

The road into Elliotdale is riddled with potholes and motorists find it difficult to navigate.

When reporters arrived in the town yesterday, a motorist was changing his tyre as it had burst after hitting a pothole. “People have been complaining for a long time but the municipality is doing nothing,” Bhele said.

“We have taken it upon ourselves to cover every hole in the road.”

Taxi driver Siyabonga Siyo said: “Every inch of the road in this town has holes in it. Some of the holes are as big as dongas. We appreciate that we have people who are motivated to sort this town out. The municipality has neglected us big- time.”

Businessman Danish Mohamed said he had tried to cover the potholes before but when heavy rains came, the holes returned.

“Government is not doing anything. It’s like nobody cares. We are glad that there are people who will do what the government is not doing,” he said.

Municipal spokesman Dali Manci could not be reached for comment.

The “fill the pothole” campaign continues today.

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