Get warmed up for colourful run

SO you have decided to enter “The Happiest 5km on the Planet” but now what? First off, you don’t need to be a runner as The Color Run™ is a beginner’s dream race. It is designed for fun, friends and families and is a non-timed event with a designated walking lane.

Serious runners are advised to keep to the right and if you are not part of the lead pack, be aware that you will need to dodge crowds and will probably not be able to run all the time.

Participants with strollers are advised to keep to the left and if you are running with small children, please watch and direct them through the race.

Try and pick up your race packet in advance from The Boardwalk Vodacom Amphitheatre on Friday between 10am and 9pm, or Saturday between noon and 6pm. Race packets can be collected personally or by a friend – just remember to have each person’s ticket and ID with you.

The course starts at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University’s North Campus at 8am on Sunday and ends at noon.

Parking is available at the university and will be free to all registered participants. Space is limited, so try to car-pool if possible. This race is designed to “douse” runners in laughter every step of the way – as the coloured cornstarch transforms them into a true rainbow nation.

Protect your eyes and mouth with a pair of sunglasses and bandanna or hat, and make sure to keep any valuables sealed in plastic bags.

Don’t wear anything that you do not want ruined as the powder can stain – and bring a towel or change of clothes for the car trip home.

This is the ultimate fun run that embraces all ages and abilities and is not about going fast but about enjoying the colourful experience!

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