Teachers also turn to survival kit

Zandile Mbabela

WITH the “ever-changing” school syllabus, teachers are also turning to The Herald Matric Survival Kit in a bid to better understand the subject matter they impart to pupils and get a different perspective on certain topics.

At KwaMagxaki High School, one of the 50 schools around Nelson Mandela Bay which receive the kit every week, it is equally useful for both teachers and pupils.

Principal Mwezi Qomfo said pupils and teachers flocked to his office to collect the kits every Tuesday as soon as they were delivered.

“Some teachers use it to help with their teaching, especially in maths.”

Qomfo said they found that many pupils suffered in matric as they lacked a solid foundation.

“Back in the day, there were class exercises done, like times tables and spelling tests, which would result in pupils being able to do simple calculations and basic reading.

“You’ll find that they reach for a calculator for even the simplest equations or battle to read,” he said.

Qomfo said he used the newspaper as well to get pupils to read out loud in class.

Maths teacher Phumezile Marwana said the kits served as a lifeline at times as they broke down some complicated equations.

“I like it that the topics covered in the kits are those we have already covered, with the solutions readily available. That gives the pupils a different and often clearer perspective.

“It’s also very useful for me, especially with the ever-changing syllabus that is sometimes too difficult even for us teachers,” he said.

Matric pupils at the school said they found it a useful revision tool.

Babalo Mfuleni, 18, said the kits were great indicators of where he needed to improve and where his strengths were.

“I then use the work in the paper to gauge where I am, see where I need to improve, and how. For teachers, it’s a great guide of where they need to be in teaching as well,” he said.

Matric pupil Khanyisa Vanga, 16, said: “The kits are great because they give an idea of how questions will be phrased in the exams and what is expected of us in answering them.”

Anathi Mtanga, 19, said the supplement was a great revision tool for her.

“I can always refer to them and the memo, which is also just right there, lets me know immediately if I’m on the right track or not,” she said.

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