Readers open hearts and purses for J-Bay family

Estelle Ellis

THE plight of a three- week-old Jeffreys Bay baby born with a rare genetic disorder has touched the hearts of many readers of The Herald, who have offered to assist the family financially.

Donations from as far as London have been pledged towards Jordan Swart’s medical treatment, with the bulk of it (R10000) from Round Table 109 of Algoa Bay.

Jackie Serfontein, who is handling the fundraising on behalf of Jordan’s parents, Bernadette and Andre, said yesterday they had also received several smaller donations.

About R200000 is needed for Jordan’s medical tests and other hospital costs. He is being cared for at Dora Nginza in Zwide after being diagnosed with Trisomy 13, a condition in which babies are born with an extra No 13 chromosome, causing a number of birth defects including mental disability.

While babies rarely live past a year, Bernadette is refusing to give up hope on her baby. – Estelle Ellis

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