Young-McDonald bakkie drama described in court

John Harvey

A CAR GUARD testified yesterday that two men who allegedly co-conspired with Knysna millionaire Lesley Young to rob Young’s former lover Ian McDonald “grabbed and pulled” him from his vehicle at the Garden Route Mall in George.

Young and McDonald have been at loggerheads for years after their acrimonious split in 2006, and have been involved in myriad court battles ranging from McDonald’s claims to her R35-million estate to accusations that he poisoned her with arsenic which led to charges of perjury being laid. These were later withdrawn.

In the latest round of the ongoing battle, Young is accused of hiring bikers Errol Khan and Loots Springhorn to retrieve a bakkie that belonged to her but which McDonald had the use of by agreement after their split.

In the George Regional Court yesterday, Young sat motionless between her two co-accused, both of whom where dressed in leather biker jackets.

Car guard Julia Douglas testified she saw two men pull up into the parking lot in a “white car with a black roof” on the morning of November 24 2006.

“He [McDonald] was sitting inside the car with the door open when one of the men ran past me and grabbed him around the neck. He grabbed him around the neck with his arm and pulled him from the car,” she said.

“The man kept shouting for them to give him his keys, but instead they kept throwing them to each other. One of the men then drove off in the white car and the other man took the bakkie.”

Charles Julies, a farmworker who worked at the Lala Vuka farm in Pacaltsdorp where McDonald was staying, was then called to the stand, where he said that earlier on November 24 the two men had arrived at the farm asking after McDonald.

When they asked him where he was, Julies told them he had gone to town. He identified Khan as the driver of the same white car mentioned by Douglas.

But Springhorn said this was not the way in which the morning unfolded.

He said he had been asked by Khan to give him a lift to the Garden Route Mall, from the McDonald’s restaurant near York Street in George.

“I parked behind the bakkie because Errol said he was lending the bakkie from someone. He opened the bakkie door with a set of keys, but then this guy comes to the bakkie and starts flapping around like a chicken.”

Springhorn said it was only later that the friend with whom they left the bakkie, Donald Kroon, told him it was stolen and the police were looking for the keys.

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