Matrics give Survival Kit the thumbs up

Zandile Mbabela

WITH just more than a month to go before Grade 12 pupils sit for their preliminary exams, some are whipping out their collection of the Matric Survival Kit to aid their revision.

A joint initiative of The Herald and General Motors South Africa, the weekly supplement is distributed to 5000 pupils across Nelson Mandela Bay, giving study tips and career guidance to help them make a success of their matric and post-matric choices.

The kit has received a lot of praise from principals, who say it is a good summary of the work done in class.

Pearson High School pupils Ashley Ferreira, Chris Cazalet and Kalilo Hansmann found the supplement “extremely useful” as it offered a different perspective from that received in class. Ashley, 18, said she had started collecting the supplement at the beginning of the year for use during revision time.

“I decided to collect them because they were not always in line with what we were studying at the time, so I kept them for when I could relate,” she said. “I love how the kit offers different examples and I like the graphics that show some of the stuff we learn in biology.”

Chris, 17, said he always looked out for the supplements that particularly tackled maths and English, which he said were not his strongest subjects.

“I love how the stuff is simplified, thus making it a lot easier to grasp. This is especially useful in maths and English, where the teachers sometimes use big words to explain things,” he said.

“I would recommend this to all matric pupils. It’s freely available and there for them to use. There are so many attempts out there to help matrics pass.”

Kalilo, 18, said he always made sure he was among the first to collect the supplement every Tuesday morning.

“They disappear quite fast so you have to rush and get it first thing in the morning before they run out,” he said.

The study guides are delivered to about 83 high schools around the Bay every Tuesday.

Schools that do not get copies of the Matric Survival Kit can contact Deidre Brand on (041)504-7911 to buy copies of The Herald with the kit inserted.

Members of the public who would like copies of the newspaper and the Matric Survival Kit supplement are also welcome to buy them at Newspaper House at 19 Baakens Street.

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