Seal slaughter outrage grows

Lee-Anne Butler

FORMER Mr South Africa and Port Elizabeth lawyer Denver Burns is one of a growing group of celebrities calling for an international tourism and consumer boycott of Namibia in efforts to stop the slaughter of seals during the country’s annual seal cull.

While animal rights groups call the practice brutal, the Namibian government supports it, claiming the seal population may damage the fishing industry.

“This is a senseless killing of thousands of innocent animals annually to generate money for the government. We cannot believe that what they are claiming is the truth because they prohibit anyone from filming it. There are other ways to tackle over-population of seals if that is really the problem,” Burns said.

He said The Seals of Nam, a global initiative against Namibia’s annual seal slaughter, was calling for a boycott of all Namibian products as well as stopping all leisure travel to the country until it halted its annual seal cull.

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