Determined darts player lives life to the full

Nicholas Glanville

MAGDA Nolan may not be as famous as Francois Pienaar or Jonty Rhodes, but she possesses the stamina and heroics of any sporting icon.

Despite being diagnosed with kidney, liver and brain cancer, the 52-year-old is still competing in the Darts South Africa National Championship in Port Elizabeth this week.

Nolan has been throwing darts for five years but missed out on the championship last year, having been diagnosed just before the event.

“You can’t think about it. There’s no just sitting in the corner,” she said.

Nolan comes from Johannesburg but retired to Swartkops with her husband, Donnie. She was an avid competitor for the North East Rand Darts Association.

She is representing the Camdeboo district at the championship because they were short of players.

Her dedication to darts even saw her family arranging for a board to be put in her hospital room.

Before the couple’s retirement, Nolan worked in the art industry.

Living life with the vigour of a teenager, she said: “I still smoke and treat myself to the odd drink. I want to carry on with my life.”

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