Reeva afraid of Oscar, says mom

Aislinn Laing and Graeme Hosken

REEVA Steenkamp’s mother warned Oscar Pistorius she would have him “wiped out” if he hurt her “baby” in any way, according to a TV documentary aired in Britain last night.

June Steenkamp, of Port Elizabeth, said she had threatened the Paralympic champion when her daughter telephoned her from his car to complain that he was “driving like a lunatic”.

Details of the couple’s tempestuous relationship emerged ahead of the 26- year-old athlete’s latest court appearance today.

He is accused of murdering former St Dominic’s Priory pupil and NMMU law graduate Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day. The beautiful supermodel was 29.

June Steenkamp appeared on a documentary screened on Britain’s Channel 5 last night in which she recalled the conversation.

“She [Reeva] was afraid – she was so afraid,” she said.

“I said, ‘Will you just give him the phone’. She gave the phone to Oscar straight away. I said, ‘Listen, if you hurt my baby in any way I will have you wiped out’.”

June Steenkamp said after the incident, her daughter had phoned her again and spoken about rows with Pistorius, whom she had been dating since November.

“She said, ‘We’ve been fighting; we’ve been fighting a lot’. She didn’t elaborate,” June Steenkamp disclosed in the documentary, Why Did Oscar Pistorius Kill Our Daughter? produced by Shekhar Bhatia.

Gwyn Guscott, a friend of Reeva’s said the couple had argued, but that the model had decided to “patch things up” with her boyfriend.

“I don’t know who started the argument but I do recall her saying to me, ‘I’m not a person that likes arguments so I walk away, and I took two days to cool off and then I tried to patch things up’,” Guscott said.

June Steenkamp also revealed that when she was younger her daughter had painted a picture of a man with a gun threatening a “terrified” woman with angel wings and a ladder beside her “going up to heaven”.

“Reeva painted these pictures when she was 14,” she said. “If you look at it now it’s clear as anything that this is a premonition.”

Pistorius’s uncle, Arnold, told another interviewer that the athlete still felt a “deep, deep sorrow” and broke down in tears when recalling what happened.

His bedroom walls were adorned with pictures of Reeva, he said, and he had been spending time reading the Bible, praying, speaking to a counsellor and working out.

“He is battling, he is having a tough time and will never be the same,” the uncle said in an interview with Carte Blanche in a programme aired on Sunday night.

Arnold Pistorius said his nephew was adamant that he was innocent, and his family still believed him.

“I have no doubt in my mind he is not a murderer.”

The athlete will be seen publicly for the first time in more than three months today when he appears before a magistrate in Pretoria for a brief hearing before his trial.

He claims he shot the model through a locked bathroom door in his upmarket Pretoria home believing her to be a burglar.

The prosecution says he did so after a furious row between the couple. The court hearing is likely to be adjourned until August.

Meanwhile Reeva’s uncle, Mike Steenkamp, said the family were taking life one day at a time. “Tomorrow will bring whatever it will bring. We are just trying to live our lives. Our family is taking it very hard.

“We just cannot let this overtake our thoughts. Words cannot bring Reeva back, no matter how much we want that. We just have to, for now, let it be,” he said.

Steenkamp, asked if he would watch today’s court proceedings, said he would not. “Neither will my brother [Reeva’s father, Barry]. Whatever happens in court will happen.”

Asked about the pictures of the bathroom and other scenes from Pistorius’s house shortly after the murder and the Pistorius’s family reaction, he replied: “They say they are shaken, but what about us as a family?

“It seems so often that it is not about her but about him … always about him. They seem to have their own agenda, which does not include Reeva. Whatever their agenda, it is theirs.”

Comment could not be obtained from the Pistorius family yesterday. – The Daily Telegraph

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