Lucky escape for mom, son

Hendrick Mphande

A PORT Elizabeth mother and son are lucky to be alive after a truck and trailer ploughed into their North End home yesterday.

Ricki van der Mescht and her son, Claude, had just woken up when the Madiba Logistics truck crashed into their Middle Street house shortly after 6am. They were not hurt.

It is not clear what caused the truck to crash.

“I was shaken up but feel better now,” Van der Mescht said.

“I heard a big bang and saw dust when I came out of my room. I knew this is big and then realised the passage way of the house was cracked.”

The house, on a corner, had severe structural damage. Many household items were also damaged.

Claude said this was the second time in the 13 years they had lived there that a truck had crashed into their house.

“I was shocked when I heard my mom screaming from the other room as the accident happened. I do not know where we will sleep tonight [last night] because the municipality said the house was in a dangerous condition for dwelling purposes. All my items are still inside the house,” he said

Eyewitness Marinda Kapp said she was walking to the bus stop at the time and that the truck narrowly missed her.

“It was a little bit dark outside when I saw a truck in front of me. Suddenly I heard a big bang. I got such a big fright but could not stop because I had to open at work,” she said.

Madiba Logistics operations controller Harry Herold said they were waiting to hear from the driver what had happened.

“We will submit the quotation to the insurance to sort it out. The driver was slightly injured,” he said.

The truck was removed about four hours after the accident.

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