Ballan: How Trevor saved me

Kathryn Kimberley

Trevor WilsonWHILE Brent Cunningham appeared in the Port Elizabeth Magistrate’s Court yesterday (12/04/2013)  for allegedly assaulting Shireen Ballan, the leggy blonde stood by her new man while he, too, appeared in the same court complex for allegedly threatening to kill his ex-wife.

But Trevor Wilson, who is alleged to have threatened to cut out his ex-wife’s breast implants with a bread knife, believes he had the upper hand with the attractive Ballan on his arm.

Yesterday, he said he had never been happier. “I am living with Sharon Stone in my mansion with my Audi R8 parked outside. What more could I want?”

Ballan, 36, is the ex-girlfriend of Cunningham, 21, who is alleged to have beaten her in a jealous rage in December last year. Shortly after his arrest, she announced that she had moved on to Wilson.

Wilson has had several tangles with the law. He speaks openly about his past involvement in perlemoen poaching, although he has never been convicted. He was also acquitted of defeating the ends of justice in October 2003, after he was accused of trying to cover up evidence linked to the savage assault of “gentle giant” attorney Wallace Bradford.

Bradford later died from injuries sustained. Wilson’s friends, initially charged with Bradford’s attempted murder, were also acquitted.

Speaking exclusively to the Weekend Post for the first time since Cunningham’s arrest went viral on social networking sites, Ballan said she had been hurt so badly she never thought she would want to be with another man. “But that was until I met [Trevor].”

She said the photograph of her bloodied face following the attack – which sparked public outrage – had been sent out without her permission. “I was unconscious in hospital when the picture was taken. I did not want the media involved. It was a very stressful time for me, but then I met Trevor who supported me through it all.”

The two have been living together for three months.

Wilson said in some ways he was glad Ballan had been hurt that day, because it had brought them together. “People who look like us belong together,” he said.

Cunningham appeared in court yesterday to apply for bail on new facts. The matter was postponed to April 17.

He has been in custody since his arrest on December 27. Bail was initially denied after the court found him to be a danger to society and in particular, Ballan.

Ballan has since moved into Wilson’s double-storey Bluewater Bay home. She is getting divorced.

Yesterday, Wilson, 37, appeared in a court just metres from Cunningham to oppose an interdict brought against him by his ex-wife, Janine Wilson.

He did not want the interdict to be made final because one of the provisions was that he hand in both his personal and workissued firearms.

Wilson owns security company Impact Loss Control, which supplies security guards to various sites in Nelson Mandela Bay. He said he could not do his work without a firearm.

Janine, 34, claims it was in December, around the same time as the attack on Ballan, that Wilson tried to kill her. In her affidavit before court, Janine claims Wilson assaulted her and shoved a pistol into her mouth.

The court granted the interdict on a provisional basis last month and ordered Wilson to hand over both his private and work-issued firearms.

In addition to the interdict, Janine reported a case of attempted murder to the police. Wilson has not been charged.

The two were divorced in June 2011 after 15 years of marriage.

Janine said they reconciled in January last year. However, she claims in her affidavit before court that in December Wilson tried to kill her. “He assaulted me, put a gun to my mouth and tried to kill me,” she said.

She said Wilson was a habitual user of cocaine and steroids.

In addition, she claimed that Wilson:

lTook a bread knife and threatened to remove the silicone implants from her breasts, which he maintains he paid for;

lTried to throw her off Van Stadens Bridge;

lVerbally and physically assaulted her;

lDragged her through the house by her hair;

lTore her clothing from her body; and

lLocked her in a room.

Wilson, meanwhile, denies the allegations.

He said: “Janine is bitter because she lost Trevor Wilson.”

He claims the interdict was brought in order to assist Cunningham in his bail application on new facts.

He said because bail was initially denied in order to protect Ballan, new evidence could now be brought before court to show Ballan had subsequently moved in with a man accused of attempted murder.

“Why should the court protect a woman if she chooses to move in with another violent man? That is what the defence is going to ague,” Wilson said.

He said Janine and Cunningham’s sister, Trishke, were friends and that they had plotted together to assist Cunningham.

But Wilson, whose main focus is his new love, said it was when he first read about the assault on Ballan that he made the decision to snatch her away from Cunningham. “That’s what Trevor can do. He takes women away,” he said. “[Brent] knows he can’t compete against Trevor. But I am afraid of him. I am afraid because he can hurt Shireen.”

He said Ballan had saved him and he had left a life of drugs and perlemoen poaching behind.

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