Tavern owners put smiles on sisters’ faces

Yoliswa Sobuwa

A GROUP of regular patrons at a Zwide tavern swapped their beers and spirits for paint brushes and spades, all in the name of goodwill.

Now, the lives of two unemployed sisters have been changed thanks to KwaLunga General Jazz tavern owners Chris Menzi and Lunga Magxaka and their patrons, who fixed up their RDP house.

“Every Monday we have more than 20 patrons coming to our tavern to cook potjiekos and they call themselves the generals. As part of 16 days of activism [against women and child abuse], we then came up with a concept to plough back to the people of Nhose Street as we are using their yards to park the clients’ cars.

“We then identified the two unemployed Madolwana sisters,” Magxaka said.

The Madolwana sisters are Lulama, 40, and Babalwa, 33.

“We then decided to close all the cracks inside and outside and we also painted the roof and the outside of the house. After everything was done, we then cleaned their yard. We did this from our own pockets and this is something that we will continue doing,” Magxaka said.

Lulama said they were very grateful to the tavern owners and their patrons.

“This house was no longer safe and we had to use a big cardboard box as the window. Our house stood out from the rest of the houses in this street because of the bad state it was in. It was worse on rainy days as the water would come inside and we would be forced to sleep at the neighbour’s place,” she said.

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