Realtor’s picture changes draw attention to cancer

Lee-Anne Butler

PROMINENT businessman Jaco Rademeyer is doing his part to raise awareness for men’s health and cancer by replacing all his pictures on signage and posters across the metro with pictures of him sporting a moustache for Movember.

Furthermore, the real estate agent and Jaco Rademeyer Estates principal has promised to donate 1% of his commission gained from selling all his properties this month towards the campaign.

Men around South Africa are sporting moustaches this month for Movember, a campaign that challenges men to start this month with a clean-shaven face and gain sponsorship for their moustache, aimed to create awareness of men’s health issues for the Cancer Association of South Africa (Cansa). “I always try to do my bit for charity and just recently we did something for breast cancer awareness but for Movember, I wanted to do something different and innovative.

“I brainstormed with a friend and this is what we came up with,” he said.

Rademeyer said he decided not to grow a moustache himself because he needed to keep up appearances when meeting clients and business partners so he decided to replace all his posters with a picture of him sporting a fake moustache.

“They call me the rubbish guy because there are so many dustbins with my picture on them. I just felt it was a great way to advertise and to get my name out there. There are about 50 around the city,” he said.

Rademeyer, 30, said while it would be costly to replace his picture and then remove all the moustache pictures at the end of the month he believed it was worth it.

“I believe that it is important to get the message out because it is a great cause. I have also been reminding every man I know to get tested. Prostate cancer is not just for older men but for men who are my age as well.”

He said he had received wonderful response thus far but also feedback from residents who thought his signage was being vandalised.

Cansa Port Elizabeth project facilitator Joan Duarte said it was a wonderful gesture by Rademeyer, not just by donating money towards the cause but also by creating awareness and encouraging friends to get tested for prostrate cancer.

“What he is doing could possibly save lives in the long run because even though most cancers are treatable, early detection is vital. The more people getting tested the better,” she said.

Duarte said all the money raised by this year’s Movember campaign would be used for men’s health initiatives across South Africa.

She said Cansa advised men of all ages to get tested at least once a year and said the misconception existed that the test was uncomfortable and intrusive.

“Those interested in a Prostate-specific antigen [PSA] can visit our office in Glendinningvale. All it takes is one prick on the finger, much like a test for diabetes,” she said.

Duarte said the Movember campaign, in its third year, had gained popularity quickly and had created a lot of awareness about prostrate cancer.

“Already there are so many people out there doing their bit … but it is important that people remember that they should register online because it is a licensed product therefore no other organisation can collect donations except Cansa.”

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