New PE school’s bold pupil plan

Yoliswa Sobuwa

A NEW private school, which promises no detention and a maximum of 20 pupils per class,opens its doors in Port Elizabeth next year.

MSCD (Mathematics, Science and Cognitive Development) High School, which caters for pupils from Grade 7 to 12, will specialise in cognitive development and deep learning, teaching pupils to think independently.

The school is part of the PE College of Maths and Science which opened two years ago and offers post-matric programmes for matriculants who have failed.

School principal Albert Ah Kun said it was common knowledge that pupils around the country battled with maths and science. MSCD aimed to address those challenges.

“Besides showing the pupils the techniques of study, they will also be taught the art of clear thinking, analysis, evaluation as well as develop strong fundamental skills and knowledge that are at the roots of study success.

“There are many other sectors that will be dealt with, which are essential to the pupils’ needs,” he said. Ah Kun, who was born and raised in Port Elizabeth, has taught at Brylin High School and lectured at Damelin College. The new school would be using the Education Department’s curriculum and hoped to include the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) at a later stage.

“We are looking at enrolling 150 to 200 pupils. There will be 16 to 20 pupils per class. Our aim is to deliver well-groomed products, whether it is for tertiary or skills training,” Ah Kun said.

“It is going to be [the pupils’] school and we are offering 10 different subjects from which they will choose. We want our pupils to be able to stand on their own feet,” he said.

Ah Kun said there would also be a strong focus on discipline, but said there would not be any need for detention.

“Any student who misbehaves in an irresponsible manner and becomes detrimental to his or her fellow students by assaulting and causing grievous bodily harm will not be allowed to continue his or her studies at the school,” he said.

“Students in possession of any dangerous weapons or bringing such weapons onto the campus premises will be expelled immediately. We will also get the parents involved in the disciplinary procedures and the pupils have to understand that it is their responsibility to behave.”

One of the teachers, Elsa van Rooyen, said she was very excited about the new school.

“We are aiming for a high success rate. The beauty of this concept is that we are going to teach the pupils to study properly in order to gain knowledge which will run through as a golden thread from Grade 7 up to Grade 12,” she said.

The new school will operate from the PE College of Maths and Science building in Grahamstown Road, North End.

Subjects include English, English enrichment, mathematics, natural science, economics management science, life orientation, social science, technology and arts and culture.

The school fees from Grade 7 to 12 are R1780 per month, excluding a non-refundable R500 registration fee and R300 a year for worksheets. Registration has opened.

THERE are several private schools in and around Nelson Mandela Bay. Here is what some of them charge:

SCHOOL: Al-Azhar Institute, Malabar

GRADES: R to 11

FEES: R900 for grade 1 to 7 and R1450 for grade 8 to 11 a month

SCHOOL: Amadeus Independent School, Lorraine

GRADES: 1 to 9

FEES: R1620 a month

SCHOOL: Bay Christian School, Bluewater Bay

GRADES: 0 to 12

FEES: R750 for Grade 0 to 11 and R1480 for Grade 12

SCHOOL: Brylin Independent Learning, William Moffet

GRADES: R to 12

FEES: R24648 a year and R1560 for the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) examination fees

SCHOOL: Ed-U-College, Central

GRADES: 1 to 12

FEES: R1190 a month

SCHOOL: Harvest Christian School, Walmer

GRADES: 1 to 12

FEES: Range between R1705 for Grade 1 and R2495 for Grade 12

SCHOOL: Kabega Christian School, Willow Glen

GRADES: 8 to 12

FEES: R1300

SCHOOL: St Dominic’s Priory High School

GRADES: 8 to 12

FEES: Range from R1846 up to R3260 for Grade 12 a month

SCHOOL: St George’s College, Park Drive

GRADES: 8 to 12

FEES: R3420 a month

SCHOOL: Woodridge College, Van Stadens

GRADES: 1 to 12

FEES: Range between R10313 for Grade 1 and R22246 for Grade 12 a term

SCHOOL: St Andrew’s College, Grahamstown

GRADES: 0 to 12

FEES: Range between R9830 for Grade 1 and R23200 for Grade 12 a term

SCHOOL: Kingswood College, Grahamstown

GRADES: 1 to 12

FEES: Range between R5330 for grade 1 and R24025 for grade 12 a term

SCHOOL: Diocesan Schoolfor Girls, Grahamstown

GRADES: 4 to 12

FEES: Range between R12176 for Grade 4 and R22459 for Grade 12 a term – Yoliswa Sobuwa

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