Story of a star’s fall from grace

Mamodima Monnakgotla

KELLY Khumalo’s rags-to-riches-and- back-to-rags story includes a dark time in the singer’s career when she had to go back home to her mother’s RDP house – with her Hummer parked in the small yard as a reminder of her once lavish lifestyle.

The story of the recovering drug addict and singer is all too familiar, with elements of the fall and darkness of a broken star.

The author, Melinda Ferguson, has only dangled a carrot in front of the reader, since Khumalo’s voice lacks conviction in the book.

The book, titled The Kelly Khumalo Story, which is already available in bookstores, will be officially launched at the end of the month.

It tells the tale of two former drug addicts.

Ferguson, a reformed addict and True Love features editor, tells her story alongside Khumalo’s.

“I told Melinda a lot of things and she became a part of my life,” said Khumalo, explaining the format. “I have not read the book yet. I have been busy with the reality show.”

Ferguson’s story is just as brutal, but weaving their stories together causes confusion.

The book tells of Khumalo’s drug addiction, her abusive relationship with ex-lover Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye, who fathered her son Christian, the court case with manager Sarah Setlaelo and the lie she told on national television – that she was a virgin when she was not.

But what stands out is how Khumalo regressed to rags from her classy Bassonia flat after her addiction ravaged her fortunes.

Khumalo returned home to her mother’s two-roomed house in Spruitview, Ekurhuleni, to add to the already full household.

She hardly had any money for food.

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